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Entrepreneurs wanted

We would like to meet (aspiring) entrepreneurs who want to share in the success of Plameco ceilings. Plameco is a so-called "franchise".

The advantages of franchising:

  • As an entrepreneur you are given, based on a licence fee, the right to operate the proven Plameco formula for yoursef in a protected area.
  • You remain an independent entrepreneur, but at the same time, you benefit from the market and product expertise of Plameco.
  • You benefit from collective marketing and advertisement activities, meetings with other franchisers and regular training.

Function requirements:

  • Ample experience in the production or installation of products, especially in a workshop or a renovation business.
  • Two right hands and entrepreneur's blood.

Do you, furthermore, possess commercial feeling, are you inventive and can you appreciate cooperation?

For more information contact
Mr. Jan van Westreenen
+31(0) 418-575040
or e-mail to:

Would you like to become a franchisee?