FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all frequently asked questions.

Improving the acoustics in your house can be done easily with tension ceilings of Plameco. With the acoustic ceiling, that is equipped with sound absorbing material, you can already improve the acoustics in any space in one day. The acoustic ceiling of Plameco ensures that the sound is not reflected, but is absorbed, making it possible to contribute to a perfect acoustics in your house.

Because Plamenco ceilings are also applicable on walls, you easily provide your entire room with the sound-absorbing acoustic ceiling. Ideal for the bedroom for example, so you can sleep peacefully. But also for the bathroom, so you do not have any annoying reverberation by hard materials.

Absolutely. In addition, they are also colourfast, algae and bacteria resistant and heat resistant. This makes Plameco stretch ceilings also extremely suitable for e.g. saunas, steam baths, swimming pools and even for outdoor use. Click here to read more about the resistance to moisture and fungus of Plameco stretch ceilings.

Absolutely! Stretch ceilings of Plameco are moisture resistant and mildew, algae and bacteria resistant, making them ideal for use in every room; so also outside!

Sure. This is especially a nice option when you go for a photo ceiling. So you can easily have a view on an impressive skyline of, for example, a city or a nice Bounty Island, right in your room. But you can also just have any (homemade) design or image printed on your wall.

It is also very useful to know that our ceilings are able to be extended with sound absorbing material (acoustic ceiling). You can not only provide your ceiling with sound-proof materials, but also your walls. This ensures an optimal acoustics in any desired room.

That's certainly possible! With the so-called 'photo' ceiling, you can easily have photos printed on your ceiling. The assortment offers a wide choice of photos of, for example, beaches, skylines and natural environments. But you can also just use a personal photo or design to create exactly the desired atmosphere at home. Since Plameco ceilings can be installed in front of a wall, it is possible, for example, to realise a fantastic view on your wall.

Plameco stretch ceilings are very maintenance-friendly. This is because Plameco stretch ceilings are anti-static, moisture resistant and mildew, algae and bacteria resistant. This gives you very little regard to your ceiling. Does dirt come on, such as fat petters of cooking, then you simply wipe this off with a damp cloth (and a drop of detergent).

Plameco stretch ceilings meet European fire classification (EN 13501-1) 'B-s2, d0' and may therefore be set up in public areas.

In addition to the long life span of our stretch ceilings, they are also completely reusable and recyclable. So a Plameco stretch ceiling is a sustainable choice.

To date, more than 180 Plameco specialist companies, spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg.

You can do this easily by using the post code search on our website. This can be found on the home page and at points of sale. Here you enter your postcode, and you will be lead directly to your nearest dealer.

If you want to know more about stretch ceilings, you can easily fill out our contact form , where you can ask a question or you can let us call you back. A Plameco ceiling specialist will assist you as soon as possible, in order to inform you and to answer your questions. However, would you like to know more about stretch ceilings