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Plameco was founded in 1982 by Jo Spanjers, who started the company as second activity of his carpentry business. With his workexperience in and around the house with his carpentry company, he came up with the idea of stretch ceilings; ceilings that are durable, easy to maintain, moisture resistant, mildew, algae and bacteria resistant and also easy to install and very beautiful! The stretch ceilings turned out to go down well and in 1985, Jo hires the first franchise partner in the Netherlands and he starts with the Plameco franchise system. But not only in the Netherlands stretched ceilings catch on, also in Belgium, where the first franchise partner started in 1991, and in Germany, where the first franchise partner started in 1994.

During these years, the development of the Plameco ceiling system did not stand still. The stretch ceilings were developed further and Plameco obtained the patent in 1992 on its unique ceiling system, that makes it possible to mount a stretch ceiling within one day. This unique technology does not only make it possible that the stretched ceiling  can be strained in one day, but also takes away the inconvenience that is encountered with other road ceiling systems, such as that of waste material and having to move furniture. In addition, in 2006, a new span ceiling material came into production, after which it became possible to produce ceilings without stitching up to 5 metres wide and to assemble them in one day. Also, with the (photo) printed stretch ceilings and the click-in system for lighting in 2007, two important innovations were added to the assortment. This assortment was extended even further in 2011, with the possibility of a borderless stretch ceiling.

In the meantime, Plameco continued to grow, requiring the builiding of a new accommodation for the head office and for training and training facilities. This property was realized in 2000, after which Plameco moved from Geldermalsen to the new building on the A2 in Zaltbommel. This turned out to be a good move, after the 50th franchise partner in Germany opened its doors in 2003 and the 100th franchise partner started in 2006. Subsequent, in april 2009, the foundation stone was laid for the new building of the storage hall and the expansion of the production capacity for the purpose of design ceilings. When completed, the number of m2 for production doubled. Plameco, however, continued to grow and in 2012 the market was further extended to Luxembourg and to Austria in 2013, when the first franchise partners started there. The following year, the 150th franchise partner joined at Plameco.

This hefty growth did not go unnoticed and in 2008, Plameco came in the top 100 franchise systems of the German Impulse magazine (issue 09/2008). In 2009, Plameco, if one and only foreign franchise system, was distinguished by the F&C International Center for franchise cooperatives (Münster), with the gold F&C award 2009, and also the accreditation by the German Franchise Covenant (DFV) was renewed. In 2010, Plameco-partner André Feller received the award 'starter of the year 2010' and ended so for McDonald's and Futterhaus. In 2011, Plameco entered the top 3 of craft companies, by finishing on place 27 in the top 100 best franchise companies. Plameco celebrated its 30 year anniversary in 2012, and the accreditation of the DFV is credited again. Plameco also deserves the F&C gold Award again in 2012, with an high satisfaction above average of the franchise partners. In addition, Plameco rose in the Impulse-ranking top 100 franchise systems to place 14 and even to place 13 in 2013, after which Plameco ended on the 2nd place of craft companies. The F&C Gold Award is awarded again in 2015, for the average high satisfaction of the franchise partners.

In the meantime, more than 180 companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria are connected as a specialist company at Plameco, and we are still growing! Therefore, we are always looking for new partners to expand our network. For more information about becoming Plameco's franchise partner, contact Mr Van Westreenen. (become franchisee?)

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Email: westreenen@plameco.com

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