Plameco Attic ceiling

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Plameco Attic Ceiling

The attic is often seen as a minor space at home. That is unfortunate, because the attic can create space and openness, using a new Plameco attic ceiling. A loft often has tricky corners, so it can be challenging to maximize space and to install a ceiling in the attic. Plameco stretch ceilings, however, are easy to install and give every room a luxurious and elegant appearance.

With its wide range of ceilings and elaborate lighting options, Plameco allows you to optimize your attic ceiling and to  utilize the space better. This helps to ensure that your attic is included with the decor of your home, so that the attic does not remain an empty space. The attic ceiling can help to transform your attic to, for example, an extra bedroom, a relaxation room, or space to perform household chores. 

Isolating the attic ceiling

Heat loss through the attic ceiling is a common problem. Especially in older homes, where the roofs are poorly isolated. Warm air has the tendency to rise, so the heat loss by the air flow to the attic can be quite large. Particularly where there is an open connection to the attic and the attic itself is not heated. To reduce this heat loss, it is advisable to isolate your attic ceiling well. So you can make sure that the heat does not disappear through the attic ceiling and that the cold outside does not easily attracts inward.

When placing an attic ceiling of Plameco, there is a choice of leaving the space behind the ceiling open for isolation material. So you can easily isolate your attic and you will not notice it because of your new attic ceiling. This space can also be used ideally to eliminate cables, for example, from ceiling lights or speakers, which can also be incorporated into the ceiling. Another nice feature of Plameco ceilings is that they are moisture resistant and algae, bacteria and mold resistant. This prevents the problems with mildew or mold in your attic ceiling!

Benefits of a Plameco attic ceiling

  • The new attic ceiling improves the mood
  • Lighting is completely adaptable to your liking
  • The Color and style are adjustable to your taste
  • Possibility of installing isolation behind the attic ceiling
  • Moist, algae, bacteria and mold resistant
  • Ideal solution at difficult corners
  • Installed in one day

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