Plameco Bedroom ceiling

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Plameco bedroom ceiling

A starry sky as a bedroom ceiling or waking up among the clouds? This is all possible with a Plameco bedroom ceiling!

Since the bedroom is the place where peace is key, and the body is recharged for the next day, it is important that especially here, your wishes regarding the decoration are fulfilled. With Plameco bedroom ceiling, you realize the bedroom of your dreams and you promote your sleep.

Own photo as a ceiling

The extensive range of stretch ceilings and lighting capabilities allows you to transform your bedroom ceiling to a starry sky or a field, for example. With a Plameco ceiling, you even have the possibility to have a photo printed on your bedroom ceiling , which assures you of a unique bedroom.

Acoustic bedroom ceiling

Besides the fact that Plameco ceilings and the matching lighting are designed up to your standings, they can also serve a very practical purpose in the bedroom. Your bedroom ceiling can help to improve the acoustics in the bedroom through the acoustic ceiling of Plameco. This ensures that your bedroom ceiling dampens sound, because the acoustic ceiling does not reflect, but absorbs the sound. This is especially very nice in the bedroom for the control of noise and improvement of sleep.

Bedroom ceiling lighting

Besides the fact that it is possible to install Plameco ceilings under your existing ceiling, they can also be tensed in front of your wall, so you can equip your entire bed room with a sound-absorbing layer. Another practical advantage is the individually customizable ceiling lighting. For example, you can install the desired lighting on any given spot in the ceiling , such as colored LED lighting, LED-strips and dimmable lighting. This way, you can always create the desired atmosphere in your bedroom with a Plameco ceiling, and always be sure of a peaceful sleep.

Benefits of a Plameco bedroom ceiling

  • Possibility of an own unique creation, like a starry sky
  • Attenuation of sound by an acoustic stretch ceiling
  • Lighting adaptable at will
  • Also possible to install over your wall
  • Placed within 1 day

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