Plameco bathroom ceiling

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Plameco bathroom ceiling

The bathroom ceiling is the ceiling in the house that is most susceptible to moisture. As a result, ceilings in bathrooms are more susceptible to mildew and mold, than ceilings in other rooms. This kind of fungi and bacteria can be very harmful to your health, so you would do well to avoid them. Especially in a space that is widely used and where hygiene is paramount, such as in the bathroom. For this reason, higher demands may be set for a bathroom ceiling.

Bathroom stretch ceiling

Plameco stretch ceilings are moisture resistant and mold, algae and bacteria resistant, making our ceilings very suitable for your bathroom. This gives fungi, algae and bacteria no chance to attach to the ceiling and you will never suffer from mildew or mold on your ceiling. But also the the bathroom ceiling can improve acoustics. Bathrooms are known to sound hollow. This is because bathrooms are mostly tiled and rebounding sound on hard surfaces, causing reverberations. The acoustic ceiling of Plameco offers a solution by providing a sound-damping layer in the bathroom ceiling that absorbs sound instead of rebounding it. This way you simply reduce the echos and reverberations in the bathroom.

Bathroom ceiling lighting

Besides the fact that a Plameco bathroom ceiling is very useful, this unit can be designed to your own liking and style; something that also greatly benefits smaller spaces. The bathroom is a room where you are frequently present every day, so it is important to optimally use this (often small) space. For example, you can create peace in the bathroom, by aligning the ceiling on the layout and let the room appear larger. But also the lighting plays an important role here. Plameco has a huge selection of ceiling lights and many lighting opportunities to finish off the bathroom ceiling and to create the right atmosphere.

A Plameco bathroom ceiling not only contributes to a healthy atmosphere, but makes your daily visit to the bathroom even more enjoyable. And all that has been achieved within one day, so in the evening you can already use your new bathroom!

Benefits of a Plameco bathroom ceiling

  • Moisture resistant and mold, algae and bacteria resistant
  • Installed within one day
  • Extensive collection
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Adaptable at will
  • Optimal ceiling lighting
  • Improves acoustics

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