Plameco Living room ceiling

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Plameco living room ceiling

A Plameco living room ceiling is the ideal solution for any living room. The living room is perhaps the most important room of your home. It is the space to live, eat, work, relax and also the room where you will receive your guests. In the living room, the taste of the residents is clearly recognizable. 

"The look" of your living room

Perhaps not the first thing in mind, but your living room ceiling plays a major role in the look of your interior and the achievement of the desired atmosphere. Your living room ceiling therefore directly contributes to the experience of space, both for you and for your guests.

Ceiling lighting and atmosphere of the living room

At Plameco, we offer endless options for a living room ceiling, so that we can realize your desired atmosphere at your home. There are different types of ceilings in a variety of colors and patterns and a wide range of ceiling lighting to meet all your lighting needs. A major advantage of a Plameco living room ceiling is that our technicians install your new ceiling within a single day in your house without having to move your large furniture. Thus, in the evening you will have a new living room ceiling without sitting in the mess for days. And that is so easy! Especially in a room that is used as much as the living room.

Living room acoustics

Another possibility Plameco stretch ceilings offer is the possibility of improving the acoustics in the house, which is often very desirable in the living room. This is because the living room is usually the largest space at home and there are usually a lot of hard surfaces, such as those of furniture, walls and the ceiling. Large (hollow) areas with hard surfaces cause echos and reverberation in the house, which can be very annoying. Especially when you are having visiters, when there is a party or when there are children playing in the house. It also further affects the quality of your audio equipment. Pity of that expensive sound system in the living room! Fortunately Plameco ceilings also offer the perfect solution, namely the acoustic ceiling. Your new living room ceiling creates rest and also creates an atmosphere in the living room in which you feel at home.

Benefits of a Plameco living room ceiling

  • Lighting adaptable at will
  • Curtain rails can be hidden
  • Large furniture can remain in place
  • A Plameco ceiling ensures optimal acoustics
  • Endless creative possibilities
  • You have a new living room ceiling in one day!

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