Plameco Kitchen ceiling

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Plameco kitchen ceiling

Generally, there are three types of kitchens: open kitchens, closed kitchens and kitchens with a cooking island. Whatever kitchen you might have, it is important that your kitchen ceiling matches the atmosphere and appearance, because the kitchen is playing an increasingly important role at home. The kitchen was once just a place to cook. These days, the kitchen is increasingly becoming a place for guests to spend the evening, while enjoying a snack and drink.

Kitchen ceiling lighting

With a Plameco kitchen ceiling, you create any desired atmosphere in the kitchen. There is a choice of numerous colors, prints, trims and types of stretch ceilings. But to really finish your kitchen ceiling, we offer many types of ceiling lights  and elaborate lighting capabilities. A Plameco ceiling makes it possible to apply illumination at any point, to create differences in height, with or without illumination or light strips, or to have light strips as a ceiling list.

However do not let the many possibilities freighten you. Our ceiling specialists will gladly help you in making the right choice for your kitchen ceiling in order to create your dream kitchen. They do this by working together with you to develop a personalized lighting plan for example, so that your kitchen ceiling creates an optimal exposure at every opportunity. For example, in a kitchen, while you are cooking, dimmable lighting is very useful, giving you bright light, in the right place, and then you can create a cozy atmosphere.

Grease and moisture on the ceiling

Plameco is the ideal choice for your kitchen ceiling, but not only for the above mentionned reasons. The kitchen ceiling is regularly subject to moisture and grease vapors, generated during cooking, because they are seldom fully discharged by a hood. The moisture and grease vapors that are not removed, then hit the kitchen ceiling. However, these are not the only vapors that are released in a kitchen and cover the ceiling. Think of kettles, dishwashers, coffee makers, microwaves and ovens.

Therefore, a kitchen ceiling has to endure a lot, which is often seen by discoloration or circles on the ceiling. Pity, because this does not have to happen. With a Plameco kitchen ceiling, you will not suffer from this problem.

Maintenance of the kitchen ceiling

Plameco ceilings are moisture resistant, heat resistant, anti-fungal, anti-static and colorfast, making them highly  maintenance-friendly. Is there dirt, grease or moisture on the ceiling, then wipe it off easily with a damp cloth and a drop of detergent. For this reason, a Plameco a kitchen ceiling is the ideal solution for the ceiling in the kitchen.


Benefits of a Plameco kitchen ceiling:

  • damp-proof
  • heat resistant
  • fireproof
  • easy to clean
  • maintenance-friendly
  • every desired lighting possible
  • endless variety of ceilings
  • all applied in a single day!

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