Plameco Office ceiling

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Plameco office ceiling

The office is a place where you spend a lot of time and it is important that you can work at your convenience. For this reason, it is not only fine that this room radiates rest and space, but also effectuates the rest. Therefore, a Plameco stretch ceiling as office ceiling is the perfect choice. With a Plameco office ceiling, you can easily create a peaceful environment, where you feel comfortable and you can focus undisturbed on your activities. You can achieve the desired atmosphere by using the extensive range that offers endless possibilities along with the many lighting options.

Various types of office ceilings

There are various types of stretch ceilings, prints, motifs and moldings, available in numerous colors and there is even the possibility to print the ceiling with high-quality images (picture ceiling). In addition, it is possible, for example, to select a translucent ceiling with a backlight, to create a calm atmosphere with 'quiet' light.

To really promote rest , there is the option of the Plameco acoustic ceiling. The acoustic stretch ceiling dampens the sound by absorbing rather than reflecting, so it will dramatically reduce the noise. In addition to the use of the acoustic stretch ceiling as a ceiling, this option can also be very suitable used for walls. With the acoustic stretch ceiling, you can not only change the look of the space, but can also bring peace in the room.

Elevation differences in the ceiling

Another option to address the atmosphere and acoustics in the room, is by working with elevation differences. Plameco span ceilings make it possible to work with elevation differences in the room. Besides the fact that it has a very nice effect, it divides the room and improves acoustics. This is because differences in height in the ceiling interrupt the path of the sound, thus reducing echo and reverberation. The acoustic ceiling and the working with elevation differences are also particularly suited to use in restaurants, lunchrooms and other areas where it can be noisy.

By using a Plameco stretch ceiling as a solution, the acoustics will be significantly improved in such areas, so one can understand each other better and the noise is reduced. In short, with a Plameco ceiling, you can easily create a beautiful, quiet and pleasant environment in which one can perform with concentration. And that all in one day, while your work  hardly needs to be interrupted!

Benefits of a Plameco office ceiling

  • It creates peace and space, what encourages your work
  • The acoustic stretch ceiling mutes
  • Lighting can be optimized at will
  • The stretch ceiling can be installed in one day
  • Inconvenience during installation is limited
  • Plameco stretch ceilings are fireproof

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