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Improving acoustics at home

Echo or reverb at home can be easily remedied by improving the acoustics in the house using the Plameco acoustic ceiling. Reverb at home is due to the reflection of sound on hard surfaces of furniture, floors, walls and ceilings. This echo or reverb can be very annoying. This way, echo and reverb causes a bad communication between each other, the concentration is disturbed and the orientation ability is reduced. On top of that, bad acoustics also has a negative impact on the sound quality of your audio equipment and musical instruments. 

Do you have echo or reverb at home?

Improving the acoustics at home solves the annoying echo and reverb, so your living pleasure increases again. Yet, improving the acoustics at home is not often thought about. Perhaps because many are not aware of a solution, that allows that the acoustics in a room can be improved. Plameco offers a very simple and quick solution, so the acoustics in any room can be improved within one day. Our solution is the acoustic ceiling.

An acoustic ceiling for perfect acoustics

The reduction of echo and reverb at home is one of the options of a Plameco ceiling. We have the acoustic ceiling for acoustic problems. The acoustic ceiling of Plameco is a stretch ceiling, that is equipped with a sound-absorbing layer between the original ceiling and the new stretch ceiling. Because this sound-isolating layer is placed behind the stretch ceiling, you will not notice it ... but you can hear it though!

Plameco United Kingdom acoustic stretch ceiling

The acoustic ceiling of Plameco ensures that the reflection of sound in the room is greatly reduced. This is because the acoustic ceiling does not rebound the sound into the room, but rather absorbs and dampens it. Moreover, our stretch ceilings are not only usable as an option for the ceiling. All our ceilings can also be used for walls, so also our acoustic ceilings. Image not only the practical advantages, but also to the decorative, especially when combined with our photo-printed ceilings. Improving the acoustics at home can be done in a very simple and beautiful way!

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