Ceiling lighting

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Installing ceiling lighting

Installing ceiling lighting is easy  with a new ceiling of Plameco. Herefor a special, patented lighting construction is being used. This construction makes it possible to install your chosen ceiling lights anywhere in the ceiling, while wiring remains out of sight. Placing the optimal lighting anywhere is easy and ensures you the right atmosphere in any room.

Which ceiling lighting now fits best in your room and how do you create the desired atmosphere? At Plameco, we are not only specialized in ceilings, but also in ceiling lights. Plameco offers a wide range of ceiling lights, to grant all your ceiling wishes. The Plameco ceiling specialists advise and help you make the right choice.

Plameco ceiling lighting

Whether it is about bathroom lighting fixtures, kitchen lighting bedroom lighting, at Plameco we have the ideal ceiling lights for every room and suitable for all style. Further on this page, you will see a small sampling of the types of ceiling lighting that we have in our assortment. The offer includes glass fiber lighting, lightstrips and spots, in both halogen as LED lighting , in many colors. By the partnership with Swarovski,the specially designed Swarovski Crystal lighting is one of our possibilities.

Installing your own ceiling lights

However, if you prefer your current lighting, then the ceiling specialists of Plameco make sure that these are integrated neatly in your new span ceiling. In contrast to the fitting of lighting in or under your new ceiling, it is also possible to install ceiling lights behind your ceiling with a Plameco stretch ceiling. But why would you want this? Read below why.

Ceiling lights behind the stretch ceiling

A Plameco ceiling makes it possible to install lighting behind the ceiling. That sounds crazy, but that is not! At Plameco, we have ceilings with the option to adjust the light transmittance. These are the so-called translucent ceilings. With a light source behind these ceilings , you do not only create a special effect, but you also create pleasant light, while the lighting remains out of sight. This also has a very impressive effect, when combined with the photo ceiling.

Think, for example, of a ceiling, printed with a photo of the outside air and lighting behind it. Once you have the lights on, it does look just as if you were outside and the sun is shining. Or create a beautiful starry sky in your bedroom, where the stars are bright spots in the ceiling.

With the Plameco ceiling, ceiling lights and many lighting options, there are infinitely many possibilities and every ceiling wish is fulfilled.  You transform any room within one day and you create the ideal atmosphere. 

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