Lowering the ceiling

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Lower the ceiling with a Plameco ceiling

Lowering the ceiling  can help with decorating a room. High ceilings can cause rooms to feel chilly. Often, for that reason, there is the choice for lowering a ceiling to create a warmer and cosier room. A Plameco ceiling is mounted under the old ceiling, which makes it possible to lower the ceiling. The minimum structure of a Plameco ceiling amounts to a few centimeters, but the new ceiling can also be mounted on any other desired height. So you can easily lower your ceiling and make the space more intimate. In addition to bringing the desired atmosphere in the room, there are still some benefits with the ceiling.

Lowering the ceiling: exploiting the resulting space

With the lowering of the ceiling, there is a creation of space between the old and the new ceiling, which can be used very well. Large, high rooms often have bad acoustics, leaving an echo or reverb at home. Plameco ceilings offer the option to improve the acoustics in a room and to reduce the reverb at home. We do this through using the acoustic ceiling, where the space between the old and the new ceiling is exploited by an acoustic layer.

Installing lighting with the lowering of the ceiling

But lowering the ceiling, if only a few centimeters, allows lighting on any given spot in the ceiling, while cables remain invisible. In addition, the lighting can also be mounted behind the ceiling. This sounds crazy, but in combination with our translucent ceilings , this can cause amazing effects. For example, simulated daylight and beautiful atmospheric lighting can be created or pleasant ligthing can be installed to have a pleasant working experience.

Install equipment with the lowering of the ceiling

In addition, there is also the choice of placing special speakers behind the rear ceiling, so that they are hidden to the eye, but not for the ears. Of course, speakers can also simply be installed in the ceiling, with a minimum lowering of the ceiling. This is also true for all other equipment, such as ventilation and air conditioning systems, fume hoods, or stove pipes for example.

Lowering the ceiling creates enormous possibilities and we will help you making the right choice. For free advice check your details below, and one of our specialists will contact you to make an appointment and go through all these possibilities.

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