Mildew and mold

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Mildew and mold on the ceiling

Mildew and mold on the ceiling are common, because in every house moisture in the air is present. This moisture is not only in the air by showering, bathing and cooking, but also through the body, through breathing and through the skin. Moisture can condense against the ceiling, when it catches on, and in combination with indoor heat, be responsible for moisture spots and mold on the ceiling. Beyond the fact that this very ugly, mildew and mold on the ceiling can effect the construction of the house, they can also be very bad for health. 

Good thing that this is easy to avoid with a Plameco stretch ceiling. Plameco stretch ceilings are made of high quality plastic and are thereby moisture resistant and mold resistant. This prevents mildew and mold shapes on the ceiling and also ensures that algae or bacteria do not get a chance. This features make Plameco stretch ceilings not only highly suitable for even the most humid areas indoor, such as bathrooms and kitchens, but also for outdoor use.

In addition, the resistance to mildew and mold makes a Plameco ceiling very maintenance-friendly. Plameco stretch ceilings are very easy to keep clean. If needed, you can also easily clean the ceiling with a damp cloth (and a drop of detergent).

No more mildew or mold on the ceiling? Then go for a Plameco stretch ceiling!

Reviews and moisture Mold on the bathroom ceiling

Moisture resistant and fungicides resistant Plameco ceiling

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