Picture on ceiling

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Picture on the ceiling with the Plameco picture ceiling

Have your own photo printed on your ceiling, who does not want that? Our ceilings make it possible to have a photo printed on the ceiling. The so-called Plameco photo ceiling is been specially developed. 

This photo ceiling is a tension ceiling to which your own photo or a photo from our selection can be printed. A major advantage of Plameco is that this picture ceiling is completely seamless and has no maximum length. This allows you, for example, to provide your entire ceiling or wall with a fantastic view over the skyline of your favorite city or vacation destination.

Or how about a clouds field or forest depicted on one of your ceilings, so it looks like you are outdoors? Or do you prefer, for example, a starry sky on the ceiling in the bedroom? Which photo or photos you choose, we will make sure that this will be installed in high quality on your ceiling or wall. And that without ugly breaks in the photo(s). 

Photo ceiling lighting

In addition, there is the option for placing lighting behind your photo ceiling. This sounds strange, but gives a very impressive effect and also ensures pleasant 'quiet' lighting in the room. With a Plameco ceiling, the light transmittance can be adjusted so that the ceiling lights up and the picture really comes to life.

So let your imagination run wild or look at some examples of Plameco photo ceilings on this page. 

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