Plameco ceilings

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Plameco ceilings

The Plameco ceiling is a ceiling that is strained under the existing ceiling. For tensioning a Plameco stretch ceiling, a unique, patented clamping system is used around the wall or to the existing ceiling. In this clip system, the stretch ceiling, that is made of a strong, elastic high-quality plastic, is strained from wall to wall. The result is a tight area under the existing ceiling, making the existing ceiling no longer visible.

The high quality of a Plameco stretch ceiling makes it the ideal solution for each room, both indoor and outdoor. This is because Plameco stretch ceilings are, besides heat-and moisture-resistant, also alg-, bacteria and mold resistant. On top of that, Plameco stretch ceilings are all mounted within one day, while large furniture can just remain where it is. Thus, the nuisance is limited to a minimum and you already have a new ceiling at home in the evening. 

Plameco ceiling types

Ceilings of Plameco  are available in many different types and can be designed and adapted to suit your needs. We work with different materials, making it possible to fulfill each ceiling wish. There are, among others, matte stretch ceilings, high gloss stretch ceilings, translucent stretch ceilings, smooth stretch ceilings and stretch ceilings of woven materials with various top coatings.

In addition to the various ceiling types, you can further optimize your Plameco stretch ceiling on the basis of the wide range of colors, patterns, prints, shapes, moldings, lighting and the option to have your stretch ceiling printed with photos. These characteristics make infinitely many options possible with Plameco stretch ceilings. So whatever idea you have in mind, we realize your dream ceiling. Since all options can be overwhelming, our advisers obviously like to help you making the right choice and they come visit you for advice, without obligation. Let us just call you back or fill in our contact form.

Plameco ceilings, lowering ceilings, optimal lighting and a better acoustics

A stretch ceiling is mounted under the existing ceiling, leaving a small space between the old and the new ceiling. This space can be used optimally in different ways. So it offers the ability to install the desired lighting in the ceiling on any given place, since cables can be easily eliminated. In addition, you can choose here for a translucent ceiling, behind which lighting can be placed for a special effect or, for example, to mimic natural light.

In addition, the small space between the old and the new ceiling also offers the possibility to hide other equipment behind, in or in front of the stretch ceiling, such as ceiling elements, sound boxes, fans, cooker hoods, stove pipes and air conditioners. But also isolation material to better isolate your home or to improve acoustics in your house (see our acoustic ceiling). Do you have a very high room and would you like to break it down by lowering your ceiling, then Plameco can also be used for a simple stretch ceiling lowering. Any lowering in the ceiling is possible.

Benefits of Plameco stretch ceilings

Our unique, patented clamping system and high quality stretch ceiling are already 35 years guarantee for lasting tight ceilings that are customizable on demand. In addition, a Plameco stretch ceiling is:

  • Moist, algae, bacteria and mold resistant
  • Placed in one day, while large furniture can remain on its place.
  • Suitable for any room, both inside and outside
  • Printable with pictures
  • Perfect for improving acoustics
  • Fire safe
  • Ideal to optimize lighting

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