Price Plameco ceiling

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Price Plameco ceiling

A firm Plameco ceiling price is difficult to establish. This is due to the wide variety of areas and possibilities, making prices vary and making it difficult to set a standard stretch ceiling m2 price. Our ceiling specialists are therefore happy to visit you for giving advice and making a calculation of the stretch ceiling price. They do this  without any obligation. The specialist accounts with following points when creating a quote:

  • First of all, the price depends on the needs and requirements that you require from the stretch ceiling. The price of the stretch ceiling is, among others, influenced by the type. This could, for example, be high gloss, matte, translucent or a photo ceiling.
  • Secondly, the stretch ceiling price is affected by the lighting and ceiling lists, which can be placed to the stretch ceiling for finishing. For example, you may want many light spots in your ceiling and if you choose classic moldings, the stretch ceiling price per square meter will be more costly than when you choose for tight and easy.
  • Third, it is also the room in which the new ceiling is placed, that affects the stretch ceiling price. To give you a few examples; When the new Plameco ceiling is mounted in a very high ceiling space, which has to be reached using scaffolding, the total stretch ceiling price will be higher. And is it a simple rectangular space or there are many tricky corners present? It will also affect the total stretch ceiling price. This is simply by additional material and/or extra work hours needed for the new ceiling.

Plameco ceiling price calculation

Because there are so many points of attention, that our ceiling specialists have to take into account, before making a calculation, they should always first have to hear your needs and check the room at your home.

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